Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vi Goes to a Birthday Party

jennifer garner rave reviews butter 08

Jennifer Garner carries a present while heading to a birthday party with her daughter Violet on Wednesday (September 7) in Brentwood, CA.
The 39-yeat-old actress is back in Southern California after a quick trip to Colorado, where she screened her new movie, Butter, at the Telluride Film Festival.

jennifer garner rave reviews butter 02

Vi is wearing Carlthorp Girls Logo Polo ($23,00) underneath the Solid Zip Front Jumper ($41,00) in yellow pinfeather, both pieces from Carlthorp School uniform, by Mills Uniform Company,

with Flex Abigail Mary Janes in pink by Pediped, and her glasses are the RB1524 in violet/light blue by Ray-Ban.


  1. This blog is perfect! Love love love! If you can work with me, Marcelle, send me a email... My blog is th "We love Violet"!

  2. I think the dress might be the uniform of carlthorp school. Just guessing :P

    the unfirom of carlthorp school

  4. news.. she again wore school unifor, but this time is her uniform in pink.


  6. The other commenters who have said Violet's dress is part of a school uniform for Carlthorp School seem to be right. I found this dress which looks the same design as the one Violet is wearing but it's just the wrong colour;|29675|85681|123133|123135|123139&id=28957
    Maybe they have different colours for younger classes?

    I think this is the white polo shirt she's wearing, again part of the school uniform:|29675|85681|123133|123135|123137&id=113805

    These could possibly be her white socks:|29675|85681|123133|123135|123142&id=28690

  7. I agree... I think that this uniform is exactly which wore Violet, but I think that she has other socks. But good job! :)

  8. Hi honey, could you send me to mail pic of Violet's Bonpoint flats and pic of Violet's pink skirt by Janie & Jack, please?

    I can send you pic of Violet's last Bonpoint dress in right color :)

  9. Anonymous: Look here, Vi has other polo shirt

    Shirley: next news... so much work, right? Wanna help? I can do outfit pictures, if you want.. :)

  10. OMG!!! HUGE thanks everyone!!! I searched for this dress really hard!!

    @Marcelle: Sounds good! E-mail me:

    @Ana: Of course! I'll send you the e-mail, thank you! =)I returned home after 3 days out, I think I can make the pics/posts, but if I miss something, feel free to help, I appreciate! ;)


  11. Oh, and Anonymous/Ana, the uniform polo is the right one, if you make zoom in this pic you can see the polo has the Carlthorp School logo =)

  12. Okay, I go to Carlthorp. I'm a sixth grader. Honestly, I know you are trying to be entertaining, but this is repulsive. Violet is 7, and she's already pressured enough. Mrs. Garner just loves to be a regular mom, and loves to be able to talk to the students. And she is, but not with constant paparazzi surrounding her at her daughter's school. When I look up Carlthorp School, the first photo is of the couple exiting, and it just shows how everyone is based upon money, and fame. And, the dress isn't in the ten thousands, not to mention the hundreds. Stop trying to make her feel like she's only liked because of her parents. It's just a uniform, not a crazy priced gown. This is not a hatred letter. I know, she's adorable. Just know that they're just like us, and they want their privacy, just like us, and we get our privacy. I know we get it because we aren't famous, but we should all be treated the same way. Mr. Affleck and Mrs. Garner don't want a blog on their 7 year old kid. The only reason this exists is because her parents are celebrities. They want to be treated just as every other mother and father are treated. I, as a kid don't have a whole fashion blog about myself, so neither should she. As I was walking home one day, we were walking next to them. They were talking about how the school day went; not how Mrs. Jarner was going to a movie preview that night, or how Mr. Affleck had just been chosen to direct a new movie. Just know that, as a kid, I would almost be embarrassed to be treated with such royalty only because my parent's were famous. I know, most kid's who have wealthy parents are already doubted by other kids, and this is just the cherry on top. Take my comments into account. Fame can already break families apart, and this is doing just that. They love their daughters and son, but when they get older, they might be too stressed with school applications, as I am now, and the ISEEs. "Where will Violet go to school, Harvard Westlake, Brentwood? Who knows?" That's going to be the next headline in less than six years. Just think about it. No hurt feelings, just my opinion.