Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ben Affleck Has a Sweet Sunday With Sera and Vi as Jennifer Garner Leaves Town

Jennifer Garner packed up and headed out of town from LAX yesterday while her husband, Ben Affleck, spent some quality time with their daughters Seraphina and Violet. (September 26)

Vi is wearing Cotton Gingham Dress from S/S 2011 by Jacadi

and Reina Bubbles Sandals by Crocs (on sale for $19,99) and whale toy (image tba).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Violet Goes to Ballet Class in Soccer Shoes!

jennifer garner red cardigan 10

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet to her ballet class on September 24.
The 39-year-old pregnant actress recently taped an appearance at Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview airing this Tuesday.  Jen shared that her younger daughter Seraphina and Violet “don’t really care about the gender” of the baby on the way “as long as we name it what they want it to be named.”  Some ideas being tossed around: “Ralphie, Frankie, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, or Rosemarie.”  “Daisy Duck Affleck. I can see us going that way,” Jen said with a laugh.

jennifer garner red cardigan 11

Vi is wearing F5 TRX FG Footballshoe Junior by Adidas

and Cupcake Hairclip by Curly Valentine.

Thanks so much ANA & ANONYMOUS for all the help!

The Affleck Girls Out For Ice Cream

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Jennifer Garner takes her daughters Violet and Seraphina out for an ice cream in Brentwood, CA, on Friday (September 23).
Vi is wearing Liberty Print Voile Dress from S/S 2011 by Jacadi

with Rabbit Dolly Shoes by Lelli Kelly.

Jen, Vi & Sera Are Out For Lunch


Jennifer Garner and her two daughters Violet and Seraphina head to Continental Restaurant in Brentwood, CA, on September 22.
Vi is wearing exactly the same outfit as the previous day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jennifer & Violet: Snackin' After School

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Snackin' After School

Jennifer Garner picked up Violet from her after-school program in LA, California, on Monday (September 19).
Looking pretty in a yellow dress, the 5-year-old held onto her doll while walking along the edge of a wall back to their car. The pair later went to the Brentwood Country Mart to get drinks and snacks.


How CUTE is Vi?
She is wearing Carlthorp Girls Logo Polo with Solid Front Zipper Jumper in yellow pinfeather both by Mills Uniform Company


with Speedy Sneakers in pink by Geox (not available in the same color) and eyewear by Ray-Ban.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Jennifer Garner & Her Party Posse

Jennifer Garner & Her Party Posse

Jennifer Garner was spotted with her beautiful daughters Violet and Seraphina as they arrived at a birthday party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (September 18). The girls look excited to get inside and who can blame them – there's probably cake inside.  
The Valentine's Day actress says she has passed the difficult portion of her pregnancy and is now enjoying the "magic" period. 
"Luckily, I'm just at that...window when you're pregnant — the magic second trimester — where you feel you're done being nauseous," Jennifer said.  "Right now, I forget that it's there except that I can't have wine at the end of the night."  Although she admits that she's had her share of queasy moments. "We were at a screening in the first trimester, when I was quite green," she laughed.

Vi is wearing Sailor Stripe Sundress by Entertaining Elephants with Kids Shirley Chameleons Sandals by Crocs.

Violet Makes a Fashion Statement!

"We love her striped dress, and those funky glasses are definitely one of a kind!"


Vi is wearing Dress by Crewcuts and Reina Bubbles Sandals by Crocs.

Violet Goes to Ballet Class


Violet Affleck went to her ballet class in Brentwood, CA, on Saturday (September 17).

Clique para ver imagem em tamanho real

She is wearing Mary Janes in red by Naturino.

Thank you SARA & ANA for the link!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Archive: October 29, 2010

Juno star Jennifer Garner was seen picking up her 4 1/2-year-old daughter Violet from school in Santa Monica today (October 29). Violet showed various expressions as she skipped alongside her mom. At one point, Jen reached down to give her sweet girl a lift.

Jennifer Garner Lifts Her Little Girl

Violet is wearing Sailor Stripe Skirt by Entertaining Elephants (sold out)

Violet Speaking!

This is an old video, during the Affleck's New York trip, but I decided to post it while Violet is missing:

Love to ear her cute voice ^.^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jen, Vi & Sera in Beverly Hills

While Ben Affleck was busy shooting scenes for Argo, Jennifer Garner was snapped with their darling daughters in Beverly Hills, CA, on September 10.
Violet is wearing her school uniform, the Plaid Jumper ($43,50)

and the Girls Carlthorp Logo Polo ($23,00 and first worn on September 7) both pieces by Mills Uniform Company, with Speedy Sneakers by Geox.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update: Crewcuts

We finally have a picture of Violet's Crewcuts Girls' Terry Drawstring Shorts  in the exact color!! 
Thanks to our ANA!!
Unfortunally, these shorts are not available anymore, but perhaps they come back next Summer!

Violet's Party & Ballet Day


Jennifer Garner takes Violet to a birthday party in Brentwood, CA, on September 10. Later in the day, the 5-year-old went to her ballet class.

Violet is wearing Girls' Terry Drawstring Dress in ginger color by Crewcuts (not available) with Reina Bubbles Sandals by Crocs ($19,99), and for the ballet class she wore Bow Legging in ivory by Crazy 8 with Flex Abigail Mary Janes by Pediped.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Are The Afflecks Reacting About The New Baby?

A source tells OK! magazine that Ben Affleck is "really hoping for a boy" and added, "but obviously, he'll be happy with either sex, and Jen doesn't care one way or the other".
The insider added that the girls have been helping Jennifer prepare the nursery and stated their enthusiasm for the new baby.

"Seraphina is probably more excited than Violet, because now she gets to be the big sister, too. They are also coming up with names for the baby - but most of them stolen from their favorite Disney characters!"

What is your guess? Do you think it will be a boy or a girl? And I wonder what names are Vi and Sera thinking about ^.^

Update: Mills Uniform Company

HUGE thanks to our helper Ana and to Anonymous!!! Because of them now we've got the info of Violet's dresses and polo, she wore on September 7, and on September 8!! They are part of the Carlthorp School uniform: the Solid Zip Front Jumper (worn in yellow and pink pinfeather; costs $41,00) and the Carlthorp Girls Logo Polo ($23,00); all the pieces are from Mills Uniform Company.


Jen Takes Vi to a Karate Class


Jennifer Garner takes her eldest daughter Violet to her karate class in LA on September 9.


Vi is wearing Carlthorp Girls Logo Polo by Mills Uniform Company ($23,00 and first worn on September 7) with Girls' Terry Drawstring Shorts in ginger by Crewcuts (from a past collection, not available) and Speedy Sneakers in pink by Geox


and she is holding Kids Purple Rainbow Bottle by CamelBak.

*** You can see that little thingy (sorry I don't know how to spell it LOL) in Violet's bottle is blue, she probably changed it because the bottle is exactly the same one.

Violet Goes to an Art Class


Jennifer Garner picks up Violet from an art class on September 8, in Los Angeles, California.


Vi is wearing Carlthorp Girls Logo Polo ($23,00 and first worn on September 7) underneath the Solid Front Zipper Jumper ($41,00) in pink pinfeather, both pieces from Carlthorp School uniform by Mills Uniform Company,

with Flex Abigail Mary Janes also in pink by Pediped.