Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Are The Afflecks Reacting About The New Baby?

A source tells OK! magazine that Ben Affleck is "really hoping for a boy" and added, "but obviously, he'll be happy with either sex, and Jen doesn't care one way or the other".
The insider added that the girls have been helping Jennifer prepare the nursery and stated their enthusiasm for the new baby.

"Seraphina is probably more excited than Violet, because now she gets to be the big sister, too. They are also coming up with names for the baby - but most of them stolen from their favorite Disney characters!"

What is your guess? Do you think it will be a boy or a girl? And I wonder what names are Vi and Sera thinking about ^.^


  1. I hope they have a boy this time because it would be nice to see what they would call it, whether it would take after Ben more than Jennifer in looks and also how they'd dress him! I think it would be a new challenge to try and find boy's clothes as well as Violet's and Seraphina's.

  2. I hope they have a boy, too. :))


  3. and here too