Monday, January 24, 2011

Violet & Seraphina go visit the doctor

jennifer garner doctors visit violet seraphina 02jennifer garner doctors visit violet seraphina 14

Jennifer Garner takes her adorable daughters Violet and Seraphina to a doctor’s appointment on Monday (January 10) in Santa Monica, CA.
While leaving the office, Violet, 5, carried a pack of tissues in her hand, but was in high spirits.

 jennifer garner doctors visit violet seraphina 04

Violet is wearing Girls Sequin Heart Tee in light ginger color by Crewcuts:


with Heart Doves Hoodie by Lucky Brand Jeans($29.50)

and Dorothy Ruby Red Shoes from "Dorothy - The Musical".

and she carries a Critter Lunchbox in Butterfly by L.L. Bean (available only in other colors)


  1. The same T-shirt of Suri! :)

  2. Exactly! =)
    It looks so cute on both of them... but soon I´ll post "Who Wore It Better" polls, to see what my readers think.

    Shirley Grace

  3. She is also wearing a Lucky Brand Jeans' Heart Dove Hoodie Sweatshirt -,default,pd.html :))

  4. This page is not avaible yet. If you want, I'll send you photo of her striped t-shirt. :)

  5. Sorry, the last comment is wrong :))

  6. Oooh... The li'l girl has got some fashion sense! Who do you think her stylist is? Maybe it's her mom. Hehe. Kids really need to have regular check ups from a pediatrician because their health is important. Their immune system is not yet as capable as those of adults.

    1. Agreed with both topics! :D
      I think it is Jennifer who dresses Violet, but who knows if sometimes is the little girl who chooses what to wear? ;)