Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretty Pink Ballerina!


6-year-old Violet Affleck went to her ballet class in Santa Monica, CA, on Saturday (January 28) morning with her mom Jennifer Garner.


Violet is wearing Sweetheart Pansie in red by Curly Valentine Hair Clips 

and Nellie Sandals in soft pink by Umi Kids (out of stock and first worn in the Affleck's Hawaii trip). Jen is holding Violet's Grip-N-Gulp Bottle in pink by Nalgene (on sale for $6,95 and first seen on December 10)


and also a Pink Lilly Handbag from a new D&G Junior line, but it'll be only available to the public until April. Thank you so much ANONYMOUS for this exclusive info!

Eyewear: Ray-Ban.


  1. This tutu is very beautiful!
    So cute*.*

  2. The little D & G pink purse she is carrying is not available to the public until April and is from the new D & G kids line.

  3. @planetofsu: agreed! I'm looking out for it :)

    @Anontmous: thank you so much for the info! :D

  4. The pink overload is so adorable! I am most interested with japanese street fashion
    nowadays but this is pretty interesting too. Something cute to sport in the streets IMO, but only for kids! :)

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