Monday, May 9, 2011

Violet & Seraphina go to a birthday party

Jennifer Garner's Mother's Day Plans: "A Big Family Breakfast"

Jennifer Garner takes her adorable daughters Violet (5) and Seraphina (2) to a birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 7. 

The actress also talked about her plans for Mother's Day:

"I got a great tip about Mother's Day, which was you have to be really specific and let your family know what would make your Mother's Day great. Like, if you wanna sleep in, then you have to tell them, set them up for it. If you want breakfast in bed, just help them succeed at giving you a great Mother's Day. It's not like you need some huge surprise. It's just nice to get what you want. But you have to participate in that conversation. With that being said, I just like having a big family breakfast, so that's hopefully what we'll do."

Jen went on to say what her two daughters with husband Ben Affleck are into these days.

"Right now, it's playing tag," she said. "We're playing a lot of tag at our house and hide and seek and just running around."

Violet is wearing Girls Ruffled Pocket Pink Dress from S/S 2010 by Hanna Andersson 

and Abigail's Shoes in chocolate by Pediped (first worn on January).


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