Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On April 4
Violet wore Epicea Dress - Faded Pink Flowers from S/S 2010 collection by Bonpoint. Thank you so much NATALIA for the info and picture... Ana also sent me a picture, but I used Natalia's one because it looks like the exact one more... Still, I really appreciate your help ;)

With Elastic Sneaker in white by Flora & Henri. Again, thank you so much ANA and also NATALIA for info!

On April 9
Violet wore the Shaggy Lined Zip Through in pink by Mini Boden. Thank you so much NATALIA!


  1. I can help u always, because lately suri disappears and my days become boring lol!!! ^^

    Just go to college bores me, I need to be aware of the latest developments in fashion, because I bought all for my little sis, she have 5 and love dressing like a mini diva lol.


  2. Violet back....sent u all the outfit info to ur mail ;)


  3. In January 5 she wore Keds Kids Anthem MJ Slip in Turquoise/Multi. :)..and I don't have your mail, could you please give it to me? then I send you the picture of Violet's pants by Juicy. :)

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